Books I’ve Loved

Listed here are books I’ve read and recommend. They include romance, thrillers, and poetry. The settings vary, but the content has touched my heart.

The Turnings of the Years by Llandovery Writers

Acorns to Wheat by David William Allman

Fiona by P. L. Parker

Portraits of The Dead by John Nicholl

Perfect Profit by Diane M. Johnson

Love Beyond by Grant Leishman

The Dandelion Clock by Rebecca Bryn

Military Matters by Tom Benson

The Mortecarni by Kelly Evans

Sarah & Joey by Linda Watkins

The Love We Gave by Gretta Curran Browne




5 thoughts on “Books I’ve Loved”

    1. Thanks Sarah for two things. Firstly pointing out the big mistake in the book which we were able to put right straight away – it’s good to have someone who is prepared to point out when the emperor has no clothes and second, your review. New writers, and indeed not so new ones, are fragile flowers and your appreciations of the stories is valuable because it’s honest and you don’t pull your punches.

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      1. Hi Grahamwriter. You forgot to say you were talking about The Turnings of the Years, and it was a pleasure to read and review it. If I’d mentioned all the stories I liked, it would have been a list of the lot. I picked my favourites.

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